Fall Home Maintenance Tip #1.

Tip # 1 from your Home Inspector New Westminster.  There are numerous lists of maintenance tips available and most are not without merit.  This one takes a slightly different approach and is written with Lower Mainland homes and WET weather in mind.  No offense to our northern & eastern neighbors, but rarely do we necessarily need to deal with snow blowers!  Here you will find reminders of things you can do to preserve your home and save money:

  •  Clean the gutters and check downspouts and extensions for leaks or holes.  Make sure those downspouts are extended at least two meters away from your home, if not connected to underground perimeter drains.  While most home owners don’t worry about water in basements, the principals are pretty much the same.  Excess water needs to be moved away from the foundation
High level eaves trough full to overflowing with plant material.

High level eaves trough full to overflowing with plant material.








  • Inspect outside walls, doors and windows each spring and fall for unusual wear or tear. Water and moisture can penetrate these common areas if they’re not maintained adequately.  Foundation walls are highly prone to leaks if cracked or not sealed adequately.  Repair or replace caulking, weather stripping, glazing, window seals, door seals, flashings or any other exterior area damaged /worn by use, abuse or normal weathering.  Examine your exterior siding and replace any missing or damaged fasteners, screws or boards.  Repair or replace punctured siding and crack-seal stucco and masonry.
  • Fall is the perfect time to correct soil-grading to facilitate drainage well-away from the home’s foundation.   Never allow water to stand or run near the foundation.

poor grading







  • Inspect the roof for punctures, cracks, missing shingles or deterioration.  Clean and seal /repair any damage you find (don’t go up there if you feel it is unsafe – best to call in a professional).

Watch for more Tips coming-up on maintaining your home and your investment wisely, from your area Home Inspector Burnaby /Home Inspector Coquitlam /Home Inspector Port Moody /Home Inspector New Westminster…

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