Home Inspection Saves Another Client from Disaster

Home Inspection Saves Another Client from Disaster.

We recently had occasion to serve yet another 1st-Time Buyer (our specialty).  She wanted an older Condominium (another specialty) for the larger size and lower price.  The idea was for her and her Mother to share this new home, together, for looking after each other and combine their finances to make this purchase.

This Condo unit seemed to be perfect for this purpose, so an offer to buy was made.  She then called upon us to do the Inspection, after reading all the raving Testimonials on our web-site.  During the conversation & in-preparation, she was asked if a Realtor had happened to refer her to us, or might it be some other source.  “Google”…

Turned out, as well there was no Realtor at all representing her and no Selling agent either – this was actually a FSBO (For Sale By Owner).  Our care for our Clients over the many years in business made me mention – “Careful”.  Silence on the other end was resounding….

I patiently explained this may be OK to proceed with, but the red flags were growing in number, already.  With no Realtor listing the property, there would be no Disclosure documentation, which is normal and obligates the Seller to disclose lots of information which would be a complete unknown in this case.  No Depreciation Report, either.  With no Realtor representing her best interest, she may be going in blindly.  She had no idea at all of any of this and thanked me profusely for caring so much and offering so much extra information up-front.

However – in the end she needed to buy such a Condo for her family’s needs, she decided to go-ahead with the Inspection, regardless.  Time was arranged for just a few days later that week and we met out front late that afternoon, after her work day was done.  Seller arrived a few minutes after and we toured the accessible Common areas of the building and then ended-up in the vacant Unit.  All the defects were pointed out in detail and explained – even before her Report was ready.  The list of Do it Yourself “upgrades” was extensive and most was poorly done.bucklingfloor

She needed the home “move-in-ready” and it was soon clear the Unit needed a number of immediate repairs to make it liveable and then more work in the end – never mind the old building itself with very old windows, etc.  Her worry-lines and body language soon were evident and we stepped aside to talk privately.  She then expressed there was no way their finances would allow for any “extras” – never mind all found so far…

She made it clear she would not be proceeding and we departed, after her barrage of Thanks and our offer to refer her to a really good and caring Realtor, in case she needed such.  “Yes, please”- as she explained she had given notice to her Landlord and needed to move quickly to find a proper new home, but felt her notice to vacate could be withdrawn.  I expressed even more concern for her situation, accordingly, given the unlikely “good will” by the Landlord.  A quick call confirmed this; her current rented home had already been re-rented – as soon as her notice had been received – in this tight market.

Her dilemma was very obvious and imminent…uh-oh

She had no car, even and the weather was turning terribly wet & cold.  Our referral to a Realtor was incredibly important, as she became further educated.  Her new “Team” was now engaged to try to help her find “anything” for temporary accommodation urgently, to avoid her becoming Homeless (her words).

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