Commissioning: The Walkthrough

Amidst all the excitement of purchasing a pre-construction new home and waiting for it to be built, an often-overlooked, but extremely important item to be remembered once it is finally completed is the walkthrough – before the buyer officially takes possession of the property, upon the occupancy permit being issued.

They will often bring along their inspector/consultant with a “fresh” pair of eyes to catch items they may miss and also to learn “how things work”. This process can seem innocent, but can often lead to complaints, re-work and warranty claims – often big headaches for builders!

Something to be seriously considered, as a good alternative and perhaps also to boost your marketing is to have the property professionally commissioned instead. If done right and done from the start (pre-design, right up to and including delivery/acceptance and occupancy), this often-misunderstood process can save you otherwise wasted profits, call-backs, re-work and ongoing warranty claims. Imagine an alternative to the above which you may never have even known existed!

This process can work to everyone’s mutual benefit in the end and actually prevent headaches – if properly implemented!

If you are already a good home builder, with existing quality control and quality assurance in place and are interested in changing your business for the better, commissioning should be strongly considered. It’s important to select the right sub-contractors/architect/etc., who also have a stake in how well the project turns out and who all understand the commissioning process and procedures. This will make your quality control and quality assurance programmes become enhanced and improved beyond the competition.

All stakeholders must be committed to working for the same end result and not just “hoping”. Unfortunately, most builders who are unaware should understand the lack of understanding of the commissioning process and/or education on the subject is why many are struggling and failing to deliver leak-free structures which actually perform as initially intended. When you have a commissioning pro on your team, you can expect to experience the process and outcome in a much better way.

Wouldn’t it be good to at least try it/find out more? The cost of NOT commissioning new projects – start to finish – can be a real game-changer, reduce the risk & a saving grace.

The cost of commissioning new projects – start to finish – can be a real game-changer, reduce the risk and be a saving grace.

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