Building commissioning: Make sure you are confident with your new build

Are you planning on building your dream home or having one built for your family, but aren’t confident that you have the knowledge or expertise to ensure things are done in the most effective and efficient way? Are you unsure if all the systems in your newly-built home will function properly as intended?

If you are a home builder, perhaps you are sick and tired of unending deficiencies and ongoing warranty claims.

If any of this sounds familiar to you, you’ll want to explore building commissioning as a solution to such ongoing problems and nagging headaches.

Originally developed for HVAC systems and the military, building commissioning is being extended to all new building systems in many areas. Many major companies and government agencies are moving to now require the commissioning process on new construction and also major renovation projects.

The process is really all about ensuring all systems are planned and are functioning as designed and then verified, as intended and as installed. Roofs should not leak and should be professionally installed to last, heating should all be functional, electrical systems should be reliable and safely meet all your needs and expectations, plumbing should be reliable and fully functional (no leaks) and doors and windows should all be working properly.

Just because they are “new”, does that mean they really work properly as a system?

By going through the commissioning process, we can help provide you with documented confirmation that building systems function in compliance with criteria set forth in the project documents to satisfy your operational needs. Commissioning of existing systems may require the development of new functional criteria in order to address your current systems performance requirements. The term building commissioning refers to complete buildings, building systems and the process systems located within.

If building commissioning interests you or anyone you know, please visit the commissioning page on our website, or contact us for more information.

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