CASE STUDY: Botched Renovation: An Unhappy Ending for Fire Victims


Our team was recently called out to review a fully renovated house in Langley. Last year, this home had been struck by a tragic house fire, leaving the building gutted back to the studs. Naturally, the family had suffered greatly, not only from the loss of their home but from the emotional toll of losing treasured memories and their sense of security.

Once the insurance company initiated the restoration process, the family became hopeful that their beloved home would soon be as good as new. Unfortunately, the restoration contractors which were sent by the insurance company did not provide quality work.

The workmanship was extremely substandard and we were called upon to document a long list of issues including serious electrical problems, poorly fitted carpentry and low quality finishing.
As you can imagine, the home owner felt extremely stressed about this situation. They felt they had been victimized twice! Once by the raging accidental fire and again by insurance company’s restoration company cutting corners to “just get it done”. It was at this point our team was referred and stepped in to help this distraught family and advocate for them. We documented all the issues and also let this family know they had our full support in forcing this situation and fighting back – if necessary.

At Duxbury and Associates, we know that quality control monitoring is essential to guaranteeing high quality workmanship. We are experts in this field; we will tell you if you are receiving high quality work and we will advocate for you when you don’t.

“We recommend a Pre and Post Renovation Inspection!
Don’t pay any contractor until you know the job is done right. “

About Glenn Duxbury

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