Ask the Inspector: Empowering our clients in a legal situation

Unsafe stairs not built properly

We were just recently called to check and review a detached house where the homeowner was not at all happy with the outcome and finishing of their nearly one-year-old, custom-designed home. They had carefully chosen what they thought would be the best builder, having done their research and due diligence. However, once completed, one thing after another began to show up and, although they found it liveable, it really made them wonder.

They needed peace of mind.

That means it’s time to Ask the Inspector, once again!

Once we were referred to them, we strategically scheduled a site visit. After numerous phone calls and emails, we eventually earned their trust, which had been apparent had been lost, over a number of weeks and were able to commence our needed full review – inside and outside.

What we found was dysfunctional systems, poorly-finished interior and exterior components among other things. The list was long and growing.  The more we looked, the more we found.

In the end, we rendered a 52-page report of all the issues, intended to put before the builder and the warranty company, with the intention to eventually proceed with litigation in the end, unless satisfied. Subsequently, they were now empowered, instead of left feeling helpless.

Our detailed reports are powerful and meant to get results, based on Glenn’s 30 years of documenting deficiencies.

On that note, we are currently gearing up for another site visit on Vancouver Island, where a townhouse complex project had ended up going sideways. The builder and the owners are actively engaged in construction litigation with their lawyers, with too little oversight and a construction contract accepted, but skewed heavily in favour of the builder.

No matter the situation, Duxbury & Associates will be there to help our clients in any way we can. If you find yourself in a legal dispute involving your home and/or property and would like to learn more about our many other services, contact us today!

About Glenn Duxbury

Duxbury & Associates Building Inspection and Consulting Ltd. has received the 2004 Douglas College Entrepreneur of the Year Award in the ‘Consulting’ category for persistence and pursuit of excellent service delivery to clients by providing very thorough and professional Inspection Reports and dedication to those involved in buying / selling / building / renovating and maintaining uncompromised customer focus.