10 things to do in isolation to stay productive and make sure your home is running as smoothly as possible

NEW WESTMINSTER, B.C. – With the majority of the population in isolation due to the COVID-19 pandemic, people are looking for ways to stay active and productive and one way to accomplish that goal is to catch up on work around the home.

Home maintenance is key to avoiding costly repairs and expenses down the road, so getting a jump on these things while people have more downtime can be a beneficial way to spend time.

“Unfortunately, a lot of people find themselves at home right now looking for things to do,” said Glenn Duxbury, Chief Caring Officer at Duxbury & Associates Home Inspection and Consulting. “Spring is a very important season for homeowners as they assess the damage done to their home over the freezing winter months. Maintenance done now can often save valuable time and money for homeowners down the road.”

Duxbury & Associates has put together a list of 10 projects homeowners can get started on to make sure their home is running as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

Spring Maintenance Checklist

  1. Using binoculars (if you’re not comfortable looking from a ladder), check for cracked, broken or missing shingles. Any roofer will be able to make needed repairs.
  2. Pay particular attention to metal and applied flashings. The sheet metal/caulking used to waterproof around chimneys may have shriveled-up, cracked and/or peeled away, resulting in problematic and damaging leaks. A roofing contractor can help.
  3. You may also find the mortar and brick or stone at your chimney to be a little worse for wear after a long winter. This usually calls for selective brick/stone repair or replacement and mortar repair known as ‘re-pointing’.  If you know or suspect you need work, consult a qualified brick mason.
  4. Check gutters and downspouts for loose joints and secure attachment to your home. Clear any debris and ensure water only flows away from your foundation (not inside).
  5. Check upper ceilings for mould or water stains.
  6. Examine the foundation walls for cracks, leaks or signs of moisture and repair as required (cracks can easily let water in).
  7. If you have a crawl space, check to ensure it’s dry and critter-free as well as mould-free.
  8. Open valves to outside hose connections after all danger of frost has passed and re-connect garden hoses.
  9. Ensure any sump pump is operating properly before spring rains and snow melt let all the water drain in toward the foundation and cause damage your insurance company may refuse to cover.
  10. Re-level any exterior steps, patios or decks that have moved as a result of frost-heave or settling.

Obviously, this list doesn’t include every task that could or should be done, but it’s a good place to start.

“We are always looking out for the well-being of our clients,” said Duxbury. “We believe that taking on a task like this will help people stay productive in isolation and also keep their brains active and engaged, while also benefitting themselves and their homes in the long run.”

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Glenn Duxbury has an extensive background in construction and renovations to meet or exceed the BC Building Code. With 15 years of experience as a licensed property manager and a unique insight into home and property inspections for the Lower Mainland region, he is also BCIT-trained and fully certified in home inspections. Glenn is dedicated to uncompromised quality and customer satisfaction and is known to his clients to be thoroughly detail-oriented.

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