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SAVE Lots of Money on Your InspectionOver the years, we’ve SAVED thousands of Clients many MILLIONS of dollars – by not over-charging and also by finding the things others miss or just don’t bother checking…

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The Team of Home and Building SpecialistsProviding protection, security, critical information and especially Peace-of-Mind. It’s what everyone wants; it’s what we always deliver…

Let us do all the “heavy-lifting” so you can be mindful of your own situation…

Features, Advantages and Benefits

Feature: Education: We Educate You Before You Buy Your Home
Advantage: You become empowered with critical knowledge and you have a detailed report for what the property will require and in what priority.
Benefit: Gives you the required information that provides you with confidence and the power to make a wise decision to either renegotiate the offer to purchase or walk-away.
Feature: Over 12 Years of Experience
Advantage: Using our extensive experience – beyond just the ‘Tools of the Trade’, we have the knowledge and ability to see what’s really going on.
Benefit: Assurance and confidence for you it is what it really is and not just what it ‘appears’. You will also know that you have hired the very best.
Feature: Detailed Written Report – Right Away (No waiting)
Advantage: Accurate report of all the findings – plus numerous recommendations on (home) maintenance and improvements.
Benefit: You have a written record of what needs to be done to fix /replace aspects of the property, with priorities.
Feature: Strata Specialist (The ONLY)
Advantage: 25-plus years in dealing with Stratas and Condos, your Inspector really knowing the ins and outs of strata-titled properties – checking way beyond just the unit interior (Roof, Parkade, Service Rooms and the accessible exterior).
Benefit: Confidence in knowing you won’t be left wondering about what’s wrong with the common property issues outside of the Unit and what may be looming...
Feature: 1st Time Buyer Specialist
Advantage: As a 1st time Buyer - You will be given extensive detailed and educational information so you have a complete understanding of what it really takes to properly maintain the home.
Benefit: You will be secure in knowing you have the information you need to look after your best interest and your investment.
Feature: We Also Check Appliances
Advantage: Most other inspectors DO NOT provide this service - you will know the condition of any additional upcoming expenses, up-front.
Benefit: Know how close to replacement those costly items are, so you can budget accordingly.
Feature: Raving Testimonials
Advantage: You have access to numerous testimonials which have been freely offered, to provide you with additional assurances.
Benefit: Another aspect of your home-buying experience that adds to your confidence in selecting your Inspector of choice.
Feature: We Check Attics, Roofs and Crawl Spaces
Advantage: So many others just won’t /DO NOT
Benefit: You won’t have hidden surprises and won’t be angry /stressed at your Inspector as to why they didn’t check those very important areas.
Feature: Personality
Advantage: You will be facing a very stressful experience and we will be softening that with good conversation in plain language and some humour.
Benefit: Your experience won’t be so worrisome and stressful, after all – even if the property or your situation is just awful.
Feature: Friendly and Caring
Advantage: Added stress at this point in time; good to know you’ve got a friend – someone who cares.
Benefit: You will be able to de-stress and actually enjoy the experience!
Feature: Distinctly Different by Design
Advantage: You won’t get “jut another” Home Inspector – much more and someone who really cares about and puts YOUR best interest first.
Benefit: You won’t have to worry, as you’ll typically know the condition better than the Seller !

Glenn Helps Another Homeowner on a Renovation Project Which Went Wrong

Home Inspector Glenn Duxbury on CBC News

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Vancouver Home Inspector – Glenn Duxbury

If you are planning to buy a home in Vancouver then you need a Vancouver home inspector that will perform a detailed home inspection of the home, apartment or condo before you purchase it. Vancouver Home Inspection firm Duxbury & Associates provides a very detailed assessment of the condition of the property. This includes complete physical examination of general integrity, functionality, and overall safety of a home and all of its components. By this process we ensure that Vancouver City home buyers know each and every perspective of home before purchasing it.

Real Estate | Pre -Purchase & Pre-Sale Home Inspections

We’re HERE FOR YOU to help make your Real Estate decisions far more easy. With our detailed, in-depth knowledge of safety / security, you and your family can trust Duxbury & Associates Building Inspection and Consulting Ltd.

Why do I need a Vancouver home inspection?

Vancouver Home inspections are a necessity when purchasing a home, as it is one of the biggest investments of life. To reduce the possibility of unpleasant surprises and unexpected difficulties, home buyers must know about the condition of the home, apartment or condo before purchasing. Getting a pre-sale Vancouver Home Inspection is a great way to identify the deficiencies that need attention, either immediate or in the future. By this detailed Vancouver Home Inspection you will receive a comprehensive report about the home, so that you can make the decision with confidence.

We’re available

We’re available for you to contact us 7 days per week – Phone / e-mail. No weekend surcharges! You can also count on our dedication to 1st-class Customer Service and satisfaction! We are highly accountable.

Benefits of Using a Home Inspector

Even the most experienced homeowner lacks the knowledge and expertise of a professional Vancouver home inspector. The Vancouver home inspector is familiar with the elements of home construction, proper installation, maintenance and home safety. The Vancouver home inspector understands how the home’s systems and components are intended to function together, as well as why they fail. Glenn Duxbury, a Vancouver Home Inspector is an objective, professional third party who will issue the buyer the information needed to make an informed decision.

Truly independent home inspectors

Truly independent and focused only on YOUR best interests, we proudly offer Peace-of-Mind and detailed, factual information in order to help make your sound, well-informed Real Estate decisions – whether buying or selling. We are an independently-owned and operated enterprise.

Comprehensive Reports

Our home inspectors provide in-depth reports that will give you the information and tools to negotiate your best position as Buyer / Vendor. Great attention to detail and insight for you, so as not to overlook defects / hidden costs, which are commonly taken for granted or ignored. (see example in side bar on right). Located centrally in New Westminster, we provide:

  • Lower Mainland and Greater Vancouver Home Inspection
  • Fraser Valley Home Inspection
  • Sea-to-Sky corridor Home Inspection.